As a VAR, we sell and support various products and services.

We are Authorised Resellers for Citrix, Computer Associates, HP, Intel, Novell to name a few. We offer Wireless Security solutions, SSL VPN appliances, Linux Desktop and Server support.

We can provide wireless security solutions to regulate access to the wireless network, wireless intrusion detection, prevention and containment.

SSL-VPN is the future of secure remote computing. With SSL VPNs, there is no additional need to configure a VPN client on each client workstation that is authorised to connect to the corporate network. An employee can access the corporate network from any computer connected to the Intranet, be it from an Internet kiosk, a Cyber Cafe, their home PC or a company provided laptop. Access to the corporate resources can be restricted based on the type of system a user is connecting from. With the use of end-point control, a client system can be scanned for malicious software prior to allowing access to corporate resources. Also, at the end of the session, all the information accessed, downloaded files, cache, etc. can be erased from the client computer.